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Wargames Scenery / Terrain – Trees and Woods

stand of trees on hill

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After hills, trees and woods are probably the next most common and useful item to have as scenery on your wargames battlefield. Perfect for hiding behind, blocking line of sight or ambushes from the woods (Wood Elves anyone?) they are all round useful

Another post on my main blog - this time looking at trees and woods as wargames scenery and how you can make your own. Alternatively you can buy ready made woods or perhaps buy the trees to make your own woods with. Either of the latter approaches make for ideal short cuts if you want to get some woods done quickly and don’t have the time to make your own from scratch. I made some trees myself from scratch (actually using vine tomato vines), but have also made woods from ready made trees on the grounds that it is much quicker to do and ready made trees are not that expensive, especially if you buy somewhere like eBay.

Wargames Scenery / Terrain – Buildings
Whatever gaming system you play, at some point you are going to want a building or two as terrain for your battlefield. Buildings provide cover, protect units, direct the enemy into traps, can be garrisoned with your troops and generally add to the atmosphere of a game. The bleak future world of Warhammer 40K looks great with bunkers, bastions and ruined buldings in general. Bulidings add greatly to Warhammer fantasy battlefields too

My latest post over on www.wargamessceneryworld.com discusses that most useful of addition to any wargames battlefield in the way of terrain - buildings. You can make your own, build them from kits - plastic or cast plaster / resin- or even buy them ready made (and painted too, if you like). It all depends on how much of your own effort you’d like to put in. Whichever way you do it, getting a building or two to enhance your wargames scenery will be well worth it I’d say. It brings narrative games / campaigns to life to have some realistic buildings on the battlefield.

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Wayland Games in the UK have a free offer on at the moment, where in exchange for your name and address they will send you a free (random) Warlord Games miniatures sprue. Warlord offer a range of nicely detailed miniatures covering a variety of periods including Ancient Britons, Celts, Romans, 17th century (30 years war) and Napoleonics. If you had ever wanted to try their miniatures or are thinking of trying a new period, this is a great opportunity to see what Warlord Games do for free. Free is always a good price! Apparently they have ‘thousands upon thousands’ of sprues to give away - all you have to do is sign up here and agree to receive the Wayland Games and Warlord Games newsletters, which seems a small price to pay. Go get your free Warlord Games sprue! I know I will be.

Like it says above - Wayland games and Warlord Games are offering a free sprue of wargames miniatures just for signing up to their respective mailing lists here. Got to be worth a look for free!

Wargames Scenery – Ruined Buildings

One of the most evocative types of wargames terrain you can have is the ruined building. Whether it is a ruined French house in a WW2 setting, a collapsed watch tower from Lord of The Rings, a burnt out half timbered Empire inn from Warhammer or the blasted remnants of a Warhammer 40K Imperial bastion, there is nothing that works so well on a miniature battlefield as a ruin. They are great at providing cover for your troops and look very evocative, speaking of ages long past or battles recently fought. Makers of wargames terrain have fully bought into this - hence why there are so many ruined buildings and building kits available. Although it can be easy to make some types of ruined buildings yourself, representing rubble, damaged floors, piles of stone and so on can be harder than building an entire building in some ways. I find that ruined buildings are one sort of wargames scenery that I am happy to buy ready made. After all, many come requiring assembly and painting so you still have opportunities for creativity in painting or modifying them to your taste, for example adding bushes and grass growing out of the walls with reindeer moss and static grass.

Even if you do decide to make your own from scratch, looking at other examples people have made is always good for inspiration and ideas.

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Next post in my series of “why don’t you buy off the shelf wargames scenery rather than making it yourself” posts. This seems to be occupying my mind a lot lately - I think because although I love making scenery, I have been finding it difficult to find the time to actually build it myself at the moment, life has a habit of getting in the way! I started building a Dwarf Brewery several weeks ago - and it remained as just the main stone building for ages. Last week the big brewing vat / kettle was done and added on. This weekend i was going to continue with the rest of the brewery and add finishing touches before painting it. What have I done? Nothing at all. Didn’t even get to play a game with my son though we planned too.
That, in a nutshell is why i have been thinking more about buying ready made scenery for our Warhammer games. I love playing with plenty of scenery, as I like storytelling with the game and scenery aids that tremendously. Its a trade off as always - cash for time!

How to make simple buildings for wargames scenery

Well, this post has been a long time coming - due to circumstances beyond my control I’ve had no chance to make anything wargames scenery related or blog about anything wargames scenery related either. I’ve just got this post up on my blog (http://www.wargamessceneryworld.com/projects/how-to-make-simple-buildings-for… covering simple building making techniques that you may find interesting or useful. It was born out of my desire to make some buildings cheaply and quickly for my son and I to use as terrain in our Warhammer games. He wanted an isolated Empire farmhouse for his Beastmen to attack. Hope you find something you can make use of in the article.

Article: Review – Wargaming on a Budget (Gaming Constrained by Money or …

Review – Wargaming on a Budget (Gaming Constrained by Money or …

Review – Wargaming on a Budget (Gaming Constrained by Money or Space)
It has long been said that experience is the best teacher, and this holds particularly true for this book by Iain Dickie. Iain was editor of Miniature Wargames Magazine for some 25 years, and in his new book he draws on his many years of experience in the hobby to provide one of the best step by step approaches to miniature wargaming that I have ever seen.
Many of us, especially those new to the hobby, have been daunted by the seemingly high cost of getting into this enjoying and rewarding past time. Iain simply tears down the walls on much of this cost, showing the newcomer and experienced gamer alike how to make the most of your hobby literally for pennies on the dollar for what you might spend if you do not own this book.

(via Instapaper)

This sounds like a great book - have a look at the full review for more details, but it does sound 
great, with plenty on building your own terrain and even ships! Wargaming can be an expensive hobby so anything that may help reduce the cost whilst not reducing the fun (or maybe even increasing it). If it at least encourages you to build one item of terrain rather than buy it at say, Games Workshop prices, it may well pay for itself. I think I will be buying a copy.

Article: Felix’s Gaming Pages Blog » Blog Archive » Moonscape

Felix’s Gaming Pages Blog » Blog Archive » Moonscape

No battlefield would be complete without some fantastic terrain to bring your games to life and provide cover for your units. These Warhammer 40,000 Moonscapes are an excellent representation of the craters and ruined earth left by the devastating weaponry of the 41st millennium. Easily painted to match your gaming board they provide cover for advancing squads and can be used to represent the craters left by destroyed vehicles.

(via Instapaper)

Some vac formed craters that look as if they would work nicely in lots of different scenarios with a bit of careful painting. I’ve not tried bought craters before having made some with a hot wire cutter and some EPS foam (styrofoam). I have recently bought some simple vac formed buildings though which I will review when i’ve had a chance to build and paint them.
Article: - The Airfix Tribute Forum - :: Dioramas on a Budget

- The Airfix Tribute Forum - :: Dioramas on a Budget

(via Instapaper)

Great thread on the affix tribute forum about dioramas on the cheap. Plenty of good ideas that can easily be applied to making wargames scenery and Terrain too. Check it out!

How to make simple barriers for Warhammer terrain

Just posted a simple how-to article to my main blog showing how to make simple barriers - in this case rendered walls - ideal perhaps for use as terrain / scenery in a Warhammer Fantasy battle,especially now 8th edition mentions barriers specifically. Cover for your troops? Anyway, the article can be found here:


Hope you like it!

Article: 122nd Cadian: Easy to build urban terrain
Simple buildings making tutorial, worth checking out. Hope to have a buildings tutorial of my own up this weekend.

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